Netflix Competitors: Hulu, Apple, Amazon, Redbox

Now that Blockbuster is going into bankruptcy and the courts are duking it out on whether the company is liquidated or it continues operations, we thought we’d share our thoughts on Netflix competitors.

Hulu: Hulu Plus is a great video on demand service that will let you watch thousands of films and TV shows. Hulu Plus offers unlimited instant streaming for $7.99 per month. Some customer reviews of Hulu Plus say that Hulu has far less video content than Netflix, so consider that before signing up for the service, or better yet, try it free.

Apple: You can watch Netflix on Apple devices like your iPhone or iPad, but Apple also has iTunes. With iTunes you can buy movies on an a la carte basis. iTunes is a great way to watch movies on your iPad, which we do usually when we’re going on trip or getting on a plane.

Amazon: Amazon Prime is a great service. Not only do you get free shipping and special offers from Amazon, but you can have your own online movie queue very similar to what Netflix offers. With Kindle Fire and other Amazon devices coming out, Amazon will probably expand their selection of media.

Redbox: Redbox is a good service and is convienent if you’re a more casual movie watcher.  Pick up a Redbox movie on your way home from the grocery store–it’s fun and easy, but best of all it doesn’t come with a monthly bill! You may have noticed that a ton of Redbox kiosks got replaced in your local grocery store with Blockbuster stations.

Google: The YouTube property has been in existence for a while now–but aren’t you tired of watching clips and Charlie bitting his finger? YouTube isn’t really for serious movie watchers and cinema lovers.

Comcast: Comcast has a great cable and internet service (yes they have poor customer service) but sometimes it’s hard to use. Netflix is much easier to use especially because you can run it on your iPhone and iPad.