for Xbox and iPhone

There are a ton of gaming consoles and other hardware that work really well with Netflix. Some devices are much easier than others. The most common examples of Netflix enabled devices are PlayStation, Wii, Xbox, Apple TV, Roku, and iPhone. Below are instructions for enabling Netflix via the activation URL,, so you can begin watching your movies.

Netflix for Xbox: If you’re a gamer this will probably be the best solution for you because you already have an internet connected gaming console.

  1. Make sure you have a high speed internet connection
  2. You’ll need to have an Xbox Gold LIVE membership to watch Netflix
  3. You’ll also need an unlimited Netlix plan
  4. If you have all of the pre-qualifiers for Netflix for Xbox listed above go to the Xbox video marketplace, then go to the activation URL,
  5. You should be done after you enter your Netflix activation code

Netflix for iPhone: Netflix released their iPhone app back in August. The Netflix iPhone app is free and will let you instantly watch movies on your iPhone, iTouch, and even now the iPad.

  1. Get the app for your iPhone, it’s called Phone Flix
  2. Add movies to your queue with the touch screen
  3. Watch your movies during the free trial
  4. If you have a Netflix subscription you’ll have to enter your activation code in the setting area of the Netflix Phone Flix app
  5. You don’t need to go to the URL on iPhone