How Does Netflix Work?

How does Netflix work? A lot of people are sometimes confused about what Netflix is and how it works. Netflix has over 20 million subscriber of their online movie service, but there is confusion over the two versions of Netflix.

The first version of Netflix is their online DVD rental service. This is very straightforward and easy to understand. For only about $10 bucks a month you can get as many DVDs by mail as you want. Of course you have to return the DVDs and can’t check them out until you’ve returned the last one. Netflix by mail is basically like going to a library, but they have thousands more movies and you don’t have to wait three weeks like you do at the library.

Netflix’s other business is more difficult to understand how it works. For only about $8 bucks a month you can instantly watch as many TV episodes and movies as you want from your computer, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, or any other device like Roku. Setting up Netflix is very easy–you can just call their tech support like to better understand how to set up Netflix streaming or instant viewing. One important thing to note about Netflix streaming is that you’ll need an internet connection that is reasonably fast.  If you have dial-up internet you should stick with Netflix by mail and just get the DVDs, you’ll be much happier.