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DirecTV Review

A lot of Nextflix users end up having to decide between a steaming service like Netflix and a satellite service like DirecTV. It’s a big decision and could mean a difference of several hundred dollars in your wallet, so we thought we’d share our thoughts on DirecTV satellite service.  We’ll cover hardware, DirecTV content, and pricing in this article. To summarize, with think DirecTV is a great service but comes at a high price point.

DirecTV Hardware: To run DirecTV you’ll need to get some hardward to install so that you can enable your satellite receiver–don’t worry it’s really easy! You’ll also need a remote and DVR receiver. Usually DirecTV will throw these in for free if you ask or sound tentative about buying equipment for your service. They will send a DirecTV maintenance guy out to install your satellite dish and set everything up.

DirecTV Content: One thing that makes DirecTV stand out is the amount of great content they have. You can get HBO, Showtime, Starz, and Cinemax. There is also a ton of content on DirecTV that is pretty awesome. You can also get a ton of sports on DirecTV like NFL Sunday, NASCAR, and ESPN Gameplan. The content on DirecTV is fantastic and is very competitive when it comes to other online movie and TV services.

DirecTV Pricing: DirecTV is definitely more expensive than other online movie or pay-per-vier services. For $29.99 a month, DirecTV can be yours, but there are different versions like DirecTV Xtra, DirecTV Ultimate, and DirecTV Premier you’re going to pay quite a bit more. Depending on what you’re looking for you may want to settle for a lower prices competitor or even hook up your existing AT&T or Comcast setup with your TV. We’d prefer DirecTV if money weren’t an issue.

What’s the bottom line? We would love to have DirecTV but unfortunately cancelled the service because it was simply too expensive. If you’re a die hard sports fanatics and watch most games, you won’t regret having exclusive channels like ESPN Gameplan.  Check out our Netflix vs. Cable discussion if you’re wondering how that service stacks up!