Netflix 3D

Did you know that Netflix is available in 3D? Yes, Netflix is now available in 3D so you can now watch Avatar and get all crazy in your 3D glasses. It’s time to face the music–3D TV viewing isn’t only the future–it’s the now and is a big trend in the media business. You may be interested in the type of TV you need to watch Netflix in 3D–below is a complete list of different TVs and gaming consoles that will let you watch Netflix in 3D:

  • Sony PlayStation 3 (connected TV must support 3D)
  • LG TV Series: LM6200, LM6400, LM6600, LM6650, LM6700, LM7600, LS5700, LS5750, PM4700, PM6700, PM6900, PM9700

Here’s an example from Avatar below:

Enjoy your 3D Netflix viewing!